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Margical Uganda Safari Holidays Tour

ATP-Tours offers you the ultimate safari tour across the Pearl of Africa – 12 days of exploring, discovering and relishing the beauty of Uganda.

Magical Uganda 12 Day Safari Tour

From the urban attractions in the country’s capital – Kampala to nature’s wonders and mesmerizing beauty to be discovered in the distant forests, mountains, lakes, reserves and game parks. Uganda has over 364 mammal species, 1062 bird species, over 300 butterfly species and an innumerable number of plant life and tree species. With its innumerable list of attractions, Uganda is the place to go for an unforgettable safari holidays adventures.

Trip Highlights

  • Birding in Mabamba Bay Wetland
  • Kampala city tour
  • Stop at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Game drive & boat cruise in Murchison falls
  • Transfer to Kibale National Park
  • Birding in Bigodi wetland
  • Game drives & chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park
  • Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park, stop briefly at ‘Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru’
  • Explore Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Spend day at Mweya Peninsula and Ishasha area
  • Travel to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Travel to Lake Mburo
  • Explore lake Mburo
  • Travel back to Kampala – stop briefly at the equator


Day 1 – Kampala City tour

Your 12 days magical safari holidays experience will begin when a driver guide picks you from the airport or your hotel/residence in Kampala in the early morning. After a briefing on how your trip will run, you will set out on your exciting expedition throughout the Pearl of Africa.


Your safari holidays adventure will begin with you touring Kampala’s prime attractions; you will visit the Uganda museum – the place where artefacts, antiques and items of historical significance are kept, Kasubi tombs – the regal tombs of the fallen Buganda kingdom kings, Kabaka’s palace – home to the king of the biggest kingdom in Uganda, Ndere centre – Kampala’s cultural epicentre, Uganda martyrs shrine Namugongo, the independence monument, Rubaga Cathedral – the centre of the Catholic faith in Uganda. Kampala has a wealth of places to visit for the exploring tourist and its only time that will cut your excitement short. At the end of your first day, you will retire to one of Kampala’s comfortable lodging. ATP tours guarantees you an epic safari holidays experience


  • Kampala Serena Hotel – Luxury/upmarket
  • Cassia Lodge – Midrange/standard
  • Red chilli camp (Kampala)– budget/downmarket

Day 2 – brief stop at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - arrive at Murchison Falls

After an early morning breakfast at your hotel, you will leave Kampala and head towards the north-western Uganda, driving to Murchison Falls National Park for the ultimate safari holidays experience. The ATP-Tours amiable and informed will keep pointing out key attractions for your attention throughout your journey. You will make a brief stop at the historical Luweero Triangle – the place where the brutal massacres that brought the ruling government into power occurred. You will stop at this place to purchase an assortment of fresh fruits and refreshments.


The next stop you will make will be at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – a place which was set up to restore the depleted rhino population. A visit to the sanctuary will allow you time to track the prized species. You will then continue with your journey and make your next stop in Masindi to have lunch in one of the best restaurants/hotel. As the evening wanes, you shall arrive at Murchison Falls National Park where you can choose to either retire to your choice accommodation or take a nature walk to the top of the falls. You will then have dinner and sleep over in the Park. The park is a great safari holidays destination.


  • Paraa Safari Lodge – Luxury/upmarket
  • Murchison River Lodge – Midrange/standard
  • Red Chilli camp – budget/downmarket

Day 3 – spend entire day exploring Murchison Falls National Park

You will awake to the strangely beautiful noise of the vibrant wildlife in the park; the chirping of crickets, the twittering of the birds and the sound of the waterfalls. After an early morning breakfast, you will set out for your first safari holidays adventure in the park – a game drive accompanied by a professional ranger. A game drive on the Northern bank around Buligi game tracks will allow you to spot elephants grazing, herds of buffalos , the graceful giraffes, duikers, warthogs, reedbucks, bushbucks, the strange-looking hartebeest and the cherished Uganda Kob. Lions maybe seen occasionally and leopards are usually spotted at dusk.


After the thrilling game drive you will have your lunch and launch out for another safari holidays excursion – a boat cruise at the foot of the aggressive waterfalls. The cruise upstream will allow you to view Murchison Falls at the head of the Fajao gorge. You will see lots of hippos and crocodiles along the banks of the river, a number of water birds and many animals at a distance. The cool breeze and thundering waterfalls will be the highlight of the day. You will then retire to your lodging for dinner and night.

Day 4 – leave Murchison Falls & transfer to Kibale National Park

After having breakfast in the morning, you will leave Murchison Falls and depart for Kibale National Park, to have more safari holidays excursions. You will stop at Hoima in the afternoon to have lunch and continue with your journey. You will then reach Kibale National Park and check in at your choice accommodation. You can then launch out on a bird watching excursion in the famous Bigodi wetland sanctuary or you can go out on a nocturnal walk to spot the strange night creatures that leave their hideouts at dusk; the nightjar, potto, bush baby, cricket, tree hyrax, the occasional civet and serval cat. You will have an innumerable number of safari holidays excursions at the park.


  • Kyaninga Lodge – Luxury/upmarket
  • Kibale Forest Camp – Midrange/standard
  • Nyinabulitya Country Resort – Budget/downmarket

Day 5 – Chimpanzee trekking at Kibale – transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After your breakfast you will set out to the park headquarters for instructions before setting out on your chimpanzee trekking excursions. Kibale National Park has the largest number of chimpanzees and a number of families have been habituated to make trekking easier. With the aid a professional guide you won’t take long before encountering the endangered species; you will be able to watch them go about their daily tasks from a short range – mother’s nursing their infants, the little ones playing and swinging in the trees, the proud males making rounds and keeping a keen eye on their families. Chimpanzee trekking is an exciting safari holidays experience.


You will then set off from Kibale National Park and go to Queen Elizabeth. Using the Fortportal, you will be able to make a stop at the historical ‘Amabeere ga Nyina Mwiru’ caves where you will hear a very fascinating folklore about the caves and see the amusing formations of ‘Nyina Mwiru’s breasts. You will then arrive at Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can enjoy an evening nature walk or a game drive before retiring to dinner and overnight at your choice lodging.


  • Mweya Safari Lodge – Luxury/upmarket
  • Enganzi lodge – Midrange/standard
  • Kazinga channel view resort – budget/downmarket

Day 6 – spend entire day exploring Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast, you will begin your safari holidays adventure with a game drive through the park. You will be thrilled at the sight of herds of buffalos, elephants, bushbucks, duikers, warthogs, lions, hippos, and a number of primate species. While on the game drive you will not miss spotting a number of bird species, some endemic to the region.

After lunch, your safari holidays adventure will continue when you head out for a boat cruise on Kazinga channel, a natural water channel connecting Lake Edward and Lake George. While on the cruise, you will be able to see plenty of Nile crocodiles and hippos plus a variety of birds. The bird species to see include; the yellow-billed stork, plovers, white-bellied Cormorants, and pink-bellied pelicans. Your day will end with dinner and overnight at your lodging.

Day 7 – spend day at Mweya peninsula &- Ishasha area


After your breakfast, you will head out to the Mweya Peninsula for a game drive, an opportunity for you to see its wealth of wildlife and enjoy the beautiful view over the waters and Rwenzori mountains. After Mweya Peninsula, you will tour the famous Ishasha region where you will have a chance to see the tree-climbing lions. You will be amazed to spot lions stretched out languidly between tree trunks and branches. In addition to the fascinating lions, you will see herds of buffalos, antelopes, elephants and hippos. After having a late lunch you can head out for another game drive or nature walk through the enormous Queen Elizabeth – a remarkable safari holidays destination.



  • Ishasha wilderness camp - Luxury/upmarket
  • Ishasha jungle lodge – midrange/standard
  • Ntungwe River Lodge – budget/downmarket

Day 8 – leave Queen Elizabeth & travel to Bwindi

After your breakfast, your safari holidays excursions will continue when you set out further south to the formidable Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Once in Bwindi, you will have your lunch and then go out on a community – social encounter to meet the Batwa pygmy people. The Batwa were the initial forest dwellers who co-existed with the mountain gorillas and other wildlife. They drew their livelihood and survival from hunting and gathering until the government evicted them from the forests to create wildlife reserves. The Batwa now live as conservation refugees and an encounter with them will give you a chance to hear their story first hand. A guided tour to the Garama cave which is about 200m long under Mgahinga mountain is a thrilling one; you get to be entertained by the Batwa music, dance and drama group whose performances are a reflection of their ancient ways. You will retire to your choice accommodation at the end of the day. Bwindi offers you the ultimate safari holidays experience.


  • Buhoma Lodge – Luxury
  • Chameleon Hill Lodge – Luxury
  • Silverback lodge – midrange
  • Nkuringo gorilla camp – midrange
  • Buhoma community camp – budget
  • Gorilla Valley Lodge – budget

Day 9 – Gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

After your breakfast you will be driven to the park headquarters where you will have a briefing on how to conduct a successful gorilla trek. A safari holiday experience in Bwindi sees you hitting one of the trails in pursuit of the endangered species. Over the years, a number of gorilla families have been habituated, a fact that makes trekking exciting.


Finding the families lasts between 3-8 hours and once discovered, it is exciting to watch the gigantic creatures feed, play and interact with each other. The females are normally nursing their little ones or keeping an eye on them as they play as the male Silverbacks walk about dominatingly. You will be able to spend an hour with the mountain gorillas after which you will retire to your lodging for the night. This will mark the end of the day’s safari holidays excursions.

Day 10 – exploring Lake Bunyonyi

On the 10th day of your magical safari holidays experience, you will leave Bwindi very early in the morning and arrive at Lake Bunyonyi at around midday. After having lunch, you will head out for a boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi. For the rest of the afternoon until the late evening, you will sail to the various islands on the lake. Lake Bunyonyi has 29 islands among which is the famous Akampene (Punishment Island) and Bwama and Njuyeera (sharp’s island). A tour to the islands will give you a chance to see over 200 bird species. Lake Bunyonyi translated ‘place of many little birds’ is a haven for bird watchers. After your excursion on Lake Bunyonyi, you will head to your lodging for dinner and overnight. Lake Bunyonyi is an ideal safari holidays tour destination.


  • Bird nest resort – Luxury/upmarket
  • Arcadia cottages – midrange/standard
  • Bunyonyi overland resort – budget/downmarket

Day 11 – travel to Lake Mburo

After your breakfast, you will leave Lake Bunyonyo and drive to Lake Mburo National Park in Mbarara to continue with your safari holidays adventure. You will head out on a game drive upon arriving at the park and you will be thrilled to see animals like; the defassa waterbuck, buffalos, hippos, Impalas, hyenas, topis, eland, zebras and reedbucks. Besides the mammals the park has over 350 bird species.


After having lunch, you go for a boat cruise on Lake Mburo, a chance to enjoy the breeze, relish the beautiful scenery of crocodiles and hippos basking in the sun, the animals grazing at a distance, the rugged fishermen drawing and mending their nets, and the colourful birds flying over the waters and resting atop the grazing buffalos and the yawning hippos. At the climax of your day’s safari holidays excursions, you will enjoy the beautiful African sunset.


  • Mihingo lodge – Luxury/upmarket
  • Lake Mburo Mantana safari lodge – Luxury/upmarket
  • Rwakobo Rock lodge – midrange/standard
  • Lake Mburo safari lodge – midrange/standard
  • Eagles Nest camp – budget/downmarket

Day 12 – Return to Kampala : end of your tour – make a brief stop at the equator

This is the last day of your 12 days magical Uganda safari holidays tour. After your breakfast you will go for a final game drive through Lake Mburo National Park. You will then set off for Kampala. Your driver will make a brief stop at the equator for you to take photographs, visit the curio shops in the area for a purchase of souvenirs and also use the opportunity to do a water experiment which proves that the imaginary line dividing the universe into two halves passes through the place where you will be standing. You will then continue with your journey and once you arrive in Kampala, the ATP-Tours guide will drop you off at your hotel or convenient location. At your request, he can drive you to the airport for you catch your flight. This will mark the end of your 12 days magical safari holidays experience.

Tour package (what’s included)

  • 4x4 wheel drive safari vehicle
  • Full time English speaking driver/guide
  • Meals; lunch & dinner (day 1), breakfast, lunch & dinner (day 2), breakfast & lunch (day 3)
  • Bottled drinking water throughout the trip
  • Gorilla trekking permit – 1 per person.
  • Park ranger fees
  • Relevant government taxes
  • Accomodation – full board for your safari days


  • Visa and airfares
  • Tips to porters
  • Telephone calls
  • All expenses of a personal nature