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Uganda Tours & Safari

Across The Pearl-tours is Uganda’s finest tourism and travel company. We offer best deals to explore the Pearl of Africa. From wild jungle trail safaris, gorilla tracking and trekking, bird watching, hiking through the Rwenzori mountain ranges, rafting along the great Nile River, and interacting with hospitable locals.


Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari

2 nights + Travel & Hotel $1,550 Book Now

Lake Victoria

1 - 3 nights + Travel & Hotel $740 Book Now

Ndere Cultural Centre

1 Day + Travel $350 Book Now

Queen Elizabeth Safari

2 nights + Travel & Hotel $1,000 Book Now

Kampala City Tour

1 Day + Travel $200 Book Now

Bird Watching Tour

9 nights + Travel & Hotel $5,570 Book Now

Murchison Falls Safari Tour

2 Day + Travel $960 Book Now

Ziwa Rhino Trackking

1 Day + Travel & Hotel $270 Book Now

Ssese Islands Tour

2 nights + Travel & Hotel $840 Book Now

Uganda Tours and Travel, popular destinations and what to expect.

The Uganda amazing wildlife Safari

Uganda is the most ideal destination for a true African wildlife safari experience. The wildlife in Uganda is still virgin; animals wonder freely in their untouched and unpolluted natural habitats. Tracking them and observing them relate with each other is so thrilling. Uganda is graced with creatures like; the African elephant which is the largest living land mammal, the massive cape buffalo which reaches a height of 165cm and weighs about 680kg, the endangered Rothschild giraffe, the primates and chimpanzees including the endangered golden monkey and mountain gorillas, about 29 species of antelope including the eland which is the world’s largest antelope and Jackson’s hartebeest-an unusual flat-faced creature found only in Uganda.

The others include but not limited to; leopards, lions, hippos, rhinos, reptiles, zebras, waterbucks, bushbucks, jackals, hyenas and warthogs. All these and more are found in national parks, Savannahs, forests, jungle swamps, mountain ranges and dormant volcanoes.


Uganda and Culture

The country has a population of over 34 million people, majority of which are Bantu-speaking. English and Swahili are the official languages while Luganda is the dominant local language, spoken especially in the Central region. However, there are over 30 more languages spoken due to the presence of very many ethnic groups. Uganda has a very strong cultural heritage. This is depicted by the existence of Kingdoms and tribal leaders to whom the people pay tribute and honour. The various tribes are enriched with unique traditional norms, customs, beliefs, language and practices.

ATP-Tours guarantees an enjoyable Uganda safari tour experience, in the land of language, tribe and Culture diversity, on top of that the people of Uganda are warm-hearted and most welcoming.

Nile River: the world’s longest river - 'the father of African rivers'

Declared on of the 7 natural wonders of Africa, River Nile in Uganda is the world’s longest river stretching to as long as 6853km (4258miles). With its source in Jinja - Uganda, river Nile runs through 10 other countries in Africa. The River Nile is one of eminent features that make Uganda the Pearl of Africa and a margical safari tour destination. The sight of the raging Nile waters surging through rocks and lush vegetation is breath-taking. For one seeking tranquillity and rest from the noise and irritating buzz of city life, a safari to the Nile river in Eastern Uganda (Jinja) will work wonders.

Uganda Luzury and Budget Lodging Facilities

A cosy and pleasant lodging is a must for an unforgettable Uganda tour safari experience. Bearing this fact in mind, ATP-Tours offers a wide range of accommodation tailored to suit the varying needs of our travellers. In all of our safari tour destinations across the Pearl, you will have access to quality accommodation set in a traditional African style. From ample luxury cottages to striking tree houses and, from eco-friendly cabins to budget-friendly rooms.

Uganda has an innumerable number of awesome safari accommodations located in the various tour destinations. The amazing Mweya Lodge stationed in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Chobe safari lodge located in the Murchison falls National Park is a perfect Bush retreat, Primate lodge Kibale located in Kibale National Park is a safe haven in the African jungle. For a great uganda wilderness experience, you will need to visit Simba Safari Camp a budget safari accommodation situated on the border Queen Elizabeth National Park. Regardless of your taste and income, your guaranteed a good Uganda tour experience.

Our Services

ATP-Tours (Across The Pearl – Tours) is Uganda’s leading tours and safaris company. We offer amazing opportunities when it comes to exploring the stunning and amazingly beautiful sights of Uganda.


Uganda Family Tours

Are you planning a family tour or safari? Do you want to give your loved ones a great experience? If so, then think of the Pearl of Africa (Uganda) and choose to travel with us. Regardless of the safari/tour destination you choose, if it is within the Pearl of Africa ATP-Tours will definitely get you there.

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Travel to Uganda

With a tight work schedule and a series of numerous small tasks to get done, it might be hard to plan for your safari. If this is the case, you can trust us to do the planning for you. ATP-Tours will help you identify prime tour safari destinations within the Pearl of Africa (Uganda) and get all the booking done for you.

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ATP-Tours is humane, we appreciate life and join others to celebrate its gifts. For the newly-wed and those celebrating their love, we have jaw-dropping offers for your honeymoon. The Pearl of Africa has some of the most amazing destinations for a memorable honeymoon and we show you the gold.

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Business Travel

While on a business trip, it is important to keep time and be organized. Yet it is however hard to attend to very crucial business affairs and at the same time give enough attention to the seemingly minor yet important small ‘nitty-gritties’. Travel to Uganda, and put your stay in our hands, for we are the capacity.

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For the curious explorer, ATP-Tours is the ideal safari-travel company to deal with. We will help you identify key attractions and ‘must go’ places in the Pearl of Africa. No one knows these African soils better than us. Trust us to help you quench and at the same time arouse your passion for exploring.

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Solo Travel

Are you a lone traveller? Do you enjoy spending time alone without disruptions? If you are, then you do not have to look beyond us. Our Tour packages are tailored to suit your tastes and preferences. You can be sure to travel alone to any place in the Pearl of Africa without having to pay double.

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